The Real Fake Diploma Review

We decided to create this page as there was mounting concern among our are loyal customers that a number of so called fake diploma review sites have come out of the woodwork claiming to be an impartial fake diploma review site for anyone interested in purchasing a fake diploma.

Actually if this was the case we would have been very happy as customers should be aware as to what they are purchasing and the quality of the products that they are purchasing but the fact of the matter is that these sites are owned and maintained by a number of fake diploma sites for the sole purpose of discrediting their competitors and subsequently provide a false positive review of their own fake diploma site and its partner sites.

The fake sites

diploma-review .com and fakediploma-review .com
The basic intention of both these sites is to promote their own sites which are DiplomaProfessionals .com and DiplomasUnlimited .com which of course have an unnaturally high ranking in the fake diploma review site compared to others. Other sites that get a good rank are sites which have closed down as naturally there is no threat to these guys from them. What we did to confirm our suspicions is to create about 10 or so yahoo and hotmail ids and contacted these sites in the guise of a potential customer who is interested in purchasing a fake diploma and wouldn�t you believe it we always got a reply promptly stating that you should purchase from DiplomaProfessionals .com or DiplomasUnlimited .com if you are at all interesting in purchasing a fake diploma. And we then queried if any of the other sites were any good but the answer was always that the purchase should be made from one of their own sites.

fakediploma-review .org
This site and its .com equivalent seems to be own by 2 different fake diploma sites and hence these two fake diploma review sites seem to be at each others throats claiming that one has copied from the other . In any case as with the earlier site any recommendations given will be for PhoneyDiploma .com its many other partner site such as Replicadiploma .com

underground-review .com
At first glance this fake diploma review site seems to not be owned by any fake diploma site but we soon changed this opinion as they suddenly changed their review of recommending backalleypress .com to a new positive recommendation of Fakediplomasite .com which is basically run by the same company and is just a duplicate of the earlier site. So you can make your own mind on that and they have even setup another site noveltyidsite .com to give the same recommendation.

diplomaone .com
This is a new site that has popped up recently and we must admit that it does give us a fair review but we want to make it clear that we are in no way connected to this particular fake diploma review site, we are compelled to categorically state this as some customers were of the view that we created this site like the other sites that were created by the other fake diploma vendors. Even after reviewing this site we have not changed our option with regards to review sites, if you want to purchase a product from us please contact us directly as relying on a review site such as this means that you will be purchasing the products based on a third parties perceived notion as to the nature of the product you will receive.


In conclusion we would like to say that we have proof to substantiate all the claims that we have made here so if anyone wants more proof to put their minds at ease please do contact us and we will help you out and add to this we purchased a fake diplomas from all 3 of these sites and what we received actually made us laugh as it was nothing like the original so please let us know and we will also send you a proof of this and you can also have good laugh.

And finally if you are considering purchasing from any of these sites please keep in mind that these sites have done to the extent of creating fake diploma review sites and have duplicate sites own their own site in a desperate attempt to get more customers, so the choice is up to you when you purchase your fake diploma, but as always buyer beware.

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