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The main point that most of these fake diploma review sites make is that fakediploma.co.uk has stolen an image from the internet and posted it on our site and they provide a link to this particular image, but the point of the matter is that this is a totally false accusation as the image that they are referring to in their site and the image that is present in our site are totally different. In fact these images are form 2 different universities altogether so this is in fact a hilarious and ridiculous claim to make again us.



As you can see it is of very high quality and please note that the samples are in a white background as they are just templates and the diplomas you receive will be printed on high quality parchment paper matching the exact color of the original document.

And to prove our point furthermore here is the same image in generic form as you will find on the homepage and on some images on the samples page.

fakediploma.co.uk fake diploma

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And finally a cautionary note about these fake diploma review sites as they are a promotional strategy used by a number of fake diploma site owners to promote their own products and discredit their competitors. For more information on this please refer to your fake diploma review page.

The quality of the merchandise offered by us is unsurpassed. Customers can obtain exact copies of actual documents, right down to signatures and embedded seals. The products offered are printed on top-quality parchment paper. This paper is the same high-quality paper used for actual documents from well-known universities around the world, and the quality of the paper lends credence to the authenticity of diplomas and other
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